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Why a subject heading is so important

November 30, 2017



どんなタイプのメールを出すかによって、件名は違ってきます。ミーテングに関する事だったら、Friday’s meeting, for a self/company-introduction: Self-introduction/ABC introduction
製品の開発に関する事だったら、 The Latest Innovative I-Robot など。皆さん分かっていただけたかと思います、「習うより慣れろ」ですね。


Trial and error=試行錯誤
「いい件名」をつけようと試行錯誤=trial and error しているみなさんを、担当添削講師たちは喜んでサポートしますよ。何が違って何が正しいのか、「間違い」からこそ学べるのです!私のアドバイスが「いい件名」付けの参考になれば幸いです。また皆さんに向けてブログを書くのを楽しみにしています。それまで、お元気でお過ごしください!



Why a subject heading is so important

November 30, 2017

Why is it so important?
In this day and age where time is a limited commodity the first thing people will do when looking through their email is the heading. If it does not catch their immediate attention your e-mail will not get read. Subject headings only require two to three keywords or so which will give a clear indication of what the e-mail is all about. Think about it like the title of a book. Ask yourself if you would read this e-mail if it was in your inbox. Putting yourself in the recipients’ position really changes your perspective.

How to achieve a good subject heading?
Take the time to think about the message you wish to send by thinking about your content and the main point. Brainstorming for a good subject heading is always a good idea. Remember to keep it short but clear and bear the object in mind is to get the reader to read your e-mail.

Different headings for different types of e-mails
Depending on the type of e-mail you are sending out would decide the type of heading. For example a meeting: Friday’s meeting, for a self/company-introduction: Self-introduction/ABC introduction, for a product launch: The Latest Innovative I-Robot – I think you get the idea, Right? Not to worry, “Practice makes Perfect” – as the saying goes.

Be honest and do not have an unrelated subject heading
For example: Self-introduction – but instead of talking about yourself you start talking about the company history, its achievements, and how profitable it is. Worse still start saying bad things about your colleagues and the company and then blame the government for your woes. Hmmmm……..definitely out of point altogether as well as being inappropriate.

Trial and Error

Your tutor will be happy to help you get the correct subject headings through your trial and error. To make mistakes helps a student learn what is wrong and how to do it right! I hope you enjoyed my tips on Subject Headings and look forward to blogging on something else soon. Until then have yourselves a great day!

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