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私は、といえば、買い物ではなく「Buy Nothing Day」(無買デー=不必要なものを買わないようにして消費について考え、消費文明の在り方に抗議しようという、世界的に拡大中の非公式の記念日)を、代わりに実行しました。その日、何も買い物をしないようにして、孫を学校に迎えに行き、お弁当をもってビーチに行きました。逆にゴミ袋を持参して、ビーチのゴミ拾いをして帰宅しました。「いいことをしたな」といい気分でした。今後、週一回「無買デー」をやってみようと思っています。なぜ私たちは世間の「マーケティングキャンペーン」にいとも簡単に乗っかって、色々物を買ってしまうんでしょうか?

Well, it’s been an interesting week in Africa. I don’t know if you follow African news but in Zimbabwe, President Robert Mugabe was impeached, and then resigned, after 37 years in power. It means that for many people living there, he is the only leader they have ever known and a lot of his army veterans are very sad to see him go. It made me realise that you
can’t please everyone all the time. Every situation is going to have negatives and positives and there are always two sides (or more) to every story.
With this in mind, today in South Africa we ‘celebrated’ Black Friday. It’s an American concept that has caught on like wildfire and businesses were offering crazy pre-Christmas
deals on everything from toothpicks to motor cars. It was impossible to get near to any shopping malls and in one, the crowd broke a plate glass window in their efforts to get at
the merchandise.
Instead, I took part in an international protest and celebrated ‘Buy Nothing Day’ instead. I fetched my granddaughters from school and we went for a picnic on the beach, avoiding
spending any money in any retail outlet of any kind. In fact, we took bags with us and picked up rubbish and broken glass on the beach and went home feeling good about ourselves. I
think I am going to have one Buy Nothing Day a week from now on.
Why are we so quick to buy in to the marketing campaigns about the items we HAVE to have?

Ruan Wiggett – 24 November 2017

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ジーワン・コミュニケーションズのスタッフ「いずみ」です。 実際に、ビジネス英語ライティングコースを受講して、その学習の様子をみなさんにお伝えしたいと思います。